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 Chief Justice Lahore High Court inaugurated new model courts and SMS service at Judicial Complex Rawalpindi – Fnni.org

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Rawalpindi (FNNI) Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Thursday visited Judicial Complex Rawalpindi and inaugurated new model courts and SMS service. The Judge of Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Anwar ul Haq, Registrar Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench, District & Session Judge Rawalpindi Suhail Nasir, Additional District & Session Judges, Civil Judges, senior law officers, lawyers, office bearers and members of Bar Associations present on the occasion. Chief Justice, Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah also delivered a lecture during the first session of training of young lawyers by District Judicial Commission about duties of local commission and court auctioneer.Pix (2) CJ LHC 4-5-17 (2)

Addressing the participants, Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said that the concept of establishing model courts in the province has produced remarkable results with regard to disposal of judicial cases on fast track. He said that a new efficient and quick disposal model justice system would be evolved in the province which would help to dispose of under trial cases within stipulated period. He said that IT technology has been introduced in the judicial system to reduce the shelf life of judicial cases. Chief Justice Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said that 1780 cases had been disposed of in session trials within just two months which is unprecedented in the history of the judiciary which has provided extra relief to the applicants. He said that Punjab would be made model province by introducing the latest and digitalized criminal and civil judicial system. He further stated that six lakh civil trials would be completed in model courts established in six districts of the province while ADR System has also been introduced for judicial mediation. He said that three mediation center has been established in Lahore High Court where 148 cases were submitted and out of which 86 cases were resolved in just one day after mutual arbitration.  In this connection, he mentioned the role of Chamber of Commerce and other trade organizations that had approached judiciary to resolve settlement of their cases and even 15 years old cases had been remarkably resolved within just one day through judicial mediation. Chief Justice said that we are committed to alleviating “Date Culture “in the judicial system by conducting uninterrupted and regular trials of cases. He disclosed that similar mediation centers would be established in 36 districts of the province so that the maximum number of cases would be resolved between the aggrieved parties on just a cup of tea. He said that we had introduced best IT system of sub-continent to improve the working of judiciary. He further revealed that in order to facilitate judges, each civil judge at tehsil level would be provided a vehicle and this project would be started from female judges. He further said that the conditions of courtrooms would also be improved and all tehsil bar associations would be equipped with the computer, printer, furniture, and internet connection, which would help to approach the E-libraries across the world. Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said that there is the shortage of about seven hundred judges in the judiciary. He said that new judges would be inducted by the end of December this year and examinations for the purpose would be conducted in October 2017. Chief Justice, Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah laid emphasis on automation of judicial system and said that we are committed to make judiciary a knowledge bases institution and to achieve the objective, database of all cases were being consolidated which would be made available through the online system. He said that new SMS service would help to regulate under trial cases which would facilitate applicants.Pix (3) CJ LHC 4-5-17 Judge, Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Anwar ul Haq termed model courts initiative a game changer in the history of the judiciary system and said that this pilot project would be extended in the entire province with the cooperation of bar members. He also appreciated the keen interest and support of lawyers of Rawalpindi in the provision of speedy justice.

District & Session Judge Rawalpindi Mr. Suhail Nasir while talking on the occasion appreciated the valuable contributions of Honourable Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah for upgrading judicial system on modern line. He said that 22 model courts started functioning in the province on 1st February 2017 and in just two months they have decided 629 cases which included 140 murder cases, 328 narcotics cases and 161 cases of other crimes. These courts recorded the statement of 2287 witnesses and keeping in view the excellent performance of model courts two more districts of Mandi Baha Uddin and Lodhran has also been included in the program, he added. He said that it is a matter of honor that Rawalpindi District has been included in the model courts program and we will try our best to come up to the expectations of Honourable Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah. On this occasion, he informed that six model courts had been established in Rawalpindi district including Taxila and Gujar Khan.  He lauded the close cooperation and spirit of bar members for speedy trials and improving the performance of courts to ensure prompt disposal of the maximum number of cases. He informed that a new underground parking project would be proposed for judicial complex Rawalpindi which would facilitate more than 250 vehicles and new courts would construct over this underground parking. He said that escalator on the overhead bridge between judicial complex and kutchery would also be made functional within next week.